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Life Coaches

RLCC life coaches partner with their clients apply methods and coaching strategies to empower RLLC clients to work on their goals to achieve mental health improvement and establish a healthy identity. A life coach session is similar to a counseling session, however, you will focus more on your present rather than processing events/memories from your past. The main difference between a coaching session and counseling is that counseling is deemed as medically necessary and therefore, is able to utilize private insurance as a pay source. However, our life coaches offer affordable rates as well.

Meet The Team

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Guyla Gibbs

Life Coach

Hi. My name is Guyla Tibbs.

The Lord Called me into the coaching field long before it was cool. I have been helping people of all walks of life from all different types of backgrounds, economic levels, lifestyles, and cultures.

Something I have noticed over the years is that people do not know their true identity, they don’t know their strengths, and they operate from a trauma lens rather than who they truly are and who they are meant to be.

I am passionate about seeing people healed. I help individuals, couples, and families, reach their goals, purpose, learn their true identity, set healthy boundaries, recover from traumatic situations, transform into new careers, help find meaningful relationships, and so much more. I also have presentations over different topics to help communities and organizations learn and grow.

While I have a B.A. in Organizational Leadership, I’m an ordained minister, with years of experience ministering in the church, I have just as much training and experience working as a mentor and life coach.


I started mentoring about 30 years ago as the Lord placed women and families in my life to disciple. I love people. I saw hurting people and I wanted them to experience the freedom I had. The Lord continued to bring people into my life, and I continued to lean on Him, to hear what it was that He had for them. I often operate in my prophetic gifting and get to witness people healed from their past traumas, hang-ups, trials, and just growing up and maturing. It is such a blessing to be a part of this walk with people. Something people get hung up on is needing to trust in God more. That is not my message. See, The Bible does say we cannot do anything apart from Him (John 15:5). However, He gives us tools to work through things. Just like some of us need medication for different ailments and medical conditions, we need tools for mental health that partner with faith. He gives wisdom on how to overcome something. How many stories in the Bible does Jesus say, “go wash” or go do this”? Yes, Jesus can just heal someone but most of the time He says, “do this…and you will be healed”.


I would love an opportunity to walk beside you and help you find what “this” is for you. I promise to meet you where you are at and together come up with a road map to achieve your goals.

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